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Well then

So apparently, I am not crazy and post–surgical depression is an expected and normal side effect of having a robot play around with your insides. It's not helped by the fact that I had to get up and go back to my normal schedule so early. Doctor recommends taking some time off from work but I'm being audited by the government this week (and I'm going to fail, which my employer told me was apparently ok) so that's not going to happen.

I feel better knowing these insane crying jags will eventually go away. I just have to moderate that little voice inside me that's currently singing my sixth-grade song about nobody liking me and needing to eat worms. It's not me, it's the side effects.

I hope I don't burst into tears in front of the auditor.

And naps. I was going to write this weekend and knock out a couple thousand words, but I should probably take naps as that would be better for me at this point. Don't want people to think I'm weird at Capclave.

The more you know! (tm)

freeeeeeeeeeeee bird

I've put in my notice regarding my column. I just think it's time. Both of my editors are upset and they're begging me to reconsider, and it's tough not to reverse my decision when someone's praising you up to high heaven and back down again. But it's been thirteen years, it's been a good run, and the column is no longer doing anything for me. It's not getting my name out there, it's not helping me become a better writer, and few of the papers are really even running it, honestly... it's just eating up six hours of my Sunday, and after thirteen years, I kind of want my Sundays back for other projects that are a) more fun and b) may actually get me somewhere.

The column is the last thing connecting me to my old life in Albany and Orlando, and I think that's very important. I'm trying to really start over, to do all of the things that I wanted to do ten years ago but that I pushed aside to "pursue my career." Now that I've failed at that, I'm experimenting with freedom. Freedom! Not saying, "Sorry, I have to work" to everything! Saying "can't stay late, I have company!" Holy shit! Next week, I'm going to be spending Saturday at an SCA performer's revel. Some evenings, I grab my AlphaSmart and spend all evening at the vegan cafe writing. Not working 24/7 is insane and I've discovered that I really, really like it. Having the time to devote to words feels almost sinful. I want this time. I need this time. I did 3k last Sunday just drinking coffee and hanging out at veganville. It was more therapeutic than all of the therapy I had in '14.

Oh, and I had a cancer scare. No cancer. So that's good.

And it might have something to do with the fact that I'm quitting all the things I hate and only doing the things that make me happy.

Am I insane?

so uh they actually got Carter to join the Stargate Program




Four of the eight members of the 2013 astronaut class are women. And they are all ridiculously awesome. McClain is a badass helicopter test pilot with two master's degrees. Christina Hammock works for NOAA in American Samoa. Nicole Aunapu Mann is a career Marine. Jessica Meir has a doctorate from an oceanography college... but she's actually currently an assistant professor of anesthesia. At Harvard.

I really wish these ladies were as famous as Rihanna, because SCIENCE! And SPACE!


Broken Dagger is getting an anthology!

Guys, I am so excited. The roleplaying game collaborative writing project that I've been a part of for somewhere around seven to ten years is finally getting an anthology, like I've been wanting to do for years. One of our players is taking point on editing it & somewhere around fifteen or sixteen players are currently participating as authors and writing buddies. We're not sure what we're going to do with the publishing aspect of it, but if nobody's interested, there's always Amazon. We're all writing our stories now and should be done in a few months.

Broken Dagger is my favorite fandom. I hardly tell anyone because... well, if you haven't played, you might not understand. The people in the channel are amazing writers; it's honestly shared-world fiction at its best, because we've developed this world in tandem. Nobody can claim that they "invented" the crazy awesome place that Broken Dagger is today, because everybody -- and we're talking forty, fifty people -- has had a hand in tweaking the story. If this were Game of Thrones, you'd still be freaking out about the Battle of Haberdasher's Row and the Rise of Thessilane. If this were The Vampire Diaries, you'd have plenty to squee about. If you don't like one plotline, there's plenty of others going on. It's Arrow and Battlestar Galactica and The West Wing and the Vorkosigan Saga and Middle-Earth and My Little Pony. The players that last respect each other and what they are trying to do with their side of the story. They recognize there is no "win condition." The players that don't take their toys and go home.


Happy effing New Year to me!

I know, I know. You hear it every year. This is the year I'm going to write the novel! This is the year I'm going to get healthy! 2013 is going to rock! Ugh, I don't even believe it myself any longer. New Year's Eve was awful, 2012 was (mostly) awful, I'm fatter, on more medication, constantly panicked and upset...

... but this morning, my boss informed me that a recent grant we received includes provisions for purchasing a new camcorder for me. Specifically, the Sony NEX-FS-100. Your proper reaction to this should be something like LEAPING LIZARDS, BATMAN! ... and my mom got me a juicer for Christmas and I've resolved to shop only at the discount Hispanic produce store... so maybe it will be The Year, after all.


Fanmix for Once A Master by rinkafic!

This is a fanmix for Once A Master by rinkafic! The fic is located here at stargate_summer. There might be too much Ba'al in it. ... if there ever can be too much Ba'al. :)


Download at Mediafire here.

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I miss Babylon 5!

Oz is away this week, so the catface and I are having a bachelor week. I haven't done the dishes in a few days, I'm staying up until I want to go to bed without having to tiptoe around the house so I don't wake the husband, I'm still wearing my pajamas and I've been editing with Babylon 5's fourth season in the background. I have been ridiculously productive even though I'm also godawfully sick.

All of my B5 episodes were taped directly off the television during '01, so I have to fast-forward through all of the commercials. The commercials in '01 are remarkably similar to those airing today, except for the fact that the SciFi Channel occasionally airs spots for "brand new Farscape" and I get all excited for about five seconds. I'm not usually one for reboots, but boy, I would love to see a Babylon 5 reboot with a big budget and a modern shooting style, sets that don't look like cardboard and modern special effects. Seriously, we had it good at the turn of the century for science fiction. And now? It's all vampires and stupidity.

I think one of the things I like the best about the characterizations on B5 is that nobody ever really shipped Sheridan and Ivanova. There is absolutely no sexual tension between the actors and absolutely no "will they/won't they" a la Jack/Sam. They're friends, and that's it. I'm all for relationship drama like the next person, but sometimes it's just nice to see a solid friendship.

There are other interesting, but small, changes in the advertising. For example, the AOL ads talking about "fastest logon times." Logon times! Ahahaha. Funny.

The catface usually ignores me completely when Oz is home -- but when he isn't, His Nibs is all up in my grill at every second of the day, sitting on my feet in the office, throwing himself bodily against my legs when I'm sitting on the couch, meowing incessantly. If I stop petting him for five seconds, he thinks the world is over. It's really quite hilarious, because as soon as Oz walks through that front door at the end of the week, I will go back to being completely ignored.

And now it's lunchtime. If the cat lets me get up.

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Is it sad that I can't read Spartacus fanfic because most of it isn't written in the show's formal Latin grammatical construction? And if you saw last night's finale, don't tell me a damn thing, because I won't be able to see it until late Tuesday or Monday at best.

I got to Daytona incredibly early this morning, so after jaunts to check out today's church and hall, I've been killing time at a Panera's going through today's wedding schedule over and over again. This is the worst part of the wedding -- the hours directly before it, I mean, when all I can do is mentally rehearse the day over and over again and my stomach is all a-stir because of it. We'll have some challenges today, I think, but the weather looks like it is turning out to be fine & that is half the battle, honestly.

I just watched five people walk in with their laptops and bemoan the lack of a free outlet. iPad, I love your portable ways. We shall never be parted.

Wedding time!

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lean into the fall

I am making a music video on January 2nd in St. Augustine. I need people to come along to play a "close group of friends" as well as a romantic couple who may or may not be having problems. This is my contest entry to genero.tv's "Lean Into The Fall" vid contest, so while I am paying in a spectacular pizza dinner on the day of, if we win, I'm splitting profits. It's going to be awesome. If you are interested in coming, leave a message.
If the SOPA and PROTECT IP bills are passed, every wedding videographer in the country could go to jail and our industry may cease to exist.

This isn't even about sync license issues. We can work around those and get licenses for stupid royalty free music, if absolutely necessary. This is about what the DJ plays as the new married couple are doing their first dance. Say authorities get a hold of it. Say the couple posts it online so their friends and family across the country can see their first dance. Say it's Beyonce's "Halo." Say my watermark is on it. All of this is common practice today. I didn't even actively put a copy of "Halo" onto the timeline -- just recorded what happened at the wedding, like videographers have been doing for over twenty five years.

You know, something like this.

The record companies could send both my couple and myself to prison for five years for doing that.

I think very few of us are willing to take the risk of hanging out in a federal penitentiary for five years because we wanted to make less than minimum wage taping weddings. Because my customers are pretty much done with disc-based media. They want computer files, flash drives, streaming. Can you imagine the wedding video of the future, with no sound at all -- whatsoever? Because the girls getting ready are singing along to their favorite songs on their iPod? Because I can't chance it that I might do time because they are singing?

Just think about that.